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We offer immersive learning experiences that enable individuals to explore diverse cultures, enhance their professional development, and connect with like-minded peers worldwide.


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Upcoming Programs

Spain 2023 – Entrepreneurship Immersion Program

10-day immersive experience that takes you on an exciting tour of Spain’s vibrant culture and thriving business ecosystem. In partnership with EDEM, one of Europe’s top Entrepreneurial Schools

South Korea 2023 – Media Immersion Program

Unleash your inner K-pop fan on a 9-day trip to South Korea! Dive into the vibrant culture, embracing the fusion of tradition, art & technology at the heart of Korean entertainment industry.

Our values are the driving force behind everything we do

At our core, we believe that learning should be an active and experiential process, which is why we provide students and professionals with global immersion programs. Our programs offer unparalleled opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals from around the globe, and develop your professional skills while experiencing new cultures.

Our mission is to build a global community of learners and leaders. Join us to expand your knowledge, gain diverse perspectives, and unlock a world of opportunities.

Past Programs

Singapore 2019 – Global Immersion Program

Collaborating with World’s 11th ranked university, NTU and SICCI to provide students with an overall global experience of entrepreneurship and business.

Spain 2020 – Entrepreneurship Immersion Program

Entrepreneurship Immersion Program in collaboration with EDEM & United Nations to provide the students with an overview of entrepreneurship and trade scenarios in Spain.

Dubai 2022 – Global Immersion Program

Highly experiential Global Immersion Program in association with Expo Dubai! Embark on experiences merging education, entertainment, and excitement.

Thailand 2022 – Corporate Immersion Program

Fuses education and experience to help students develop today’s most desirable professional skills – strategic thinking, creativity, problem-solving, persuasive communication, and more.

What People Say

CIP was absolutely incredible! I had the most amazing learning adventure ever! The itinerary was perfect, and the trip to Pattaya and Bangkok was mind-blowing. I loved exploring both cities and learning about Thailand’s culture. The sessions at MQDC were very informative and interactive. I gained so much knowledge from the experts and the mentors.

DhwaniThailand Program 2022

It was amazing to learn from EDEM’s industry experts and get a taste of Spanish business culture. This program is a must for anyone who wants to boost their entrepreneurial mindset.

ShrutiSpain Program 2020

I had so much fun visiting the University of Dubai and Hult International Business School, and the Dubai Expo was amazing. The Dubai City Tour and the Dubai Mall were some of the best parts of my trip.

TanmayDubai Program 2022

I had a blast in Singapore! The studio rides blew my mind and left me speechless. I met some awesome people who became my friends. The speakers inspired me with their wisdom and advice. This trip opened my eyes to new possibilities and perspectives. It was a fantastic experience that I will treasure forever!

AyushSingapore Program 2019